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MILK × Gizmobies [LOVE BEARS] (iPhone5 Cover)

4,180 Yen

the appearance of the long-awaited iPhone5 from LOVE BEARS was popular in iPhone4/4S. Color taste and fluffy gari cute - has become a design. Bear summarized in pastel color is a popular secret. This is one article of the recommendation for those who design enthusiasts - gari. [MILK (milk)] start in 1970. Items romantic, charm can not be settled only cute, taste little exciting is s in there girly girl and adults are mixed. Proposal and basic item such playful decorated with lace and ruffles full, a cute thing that would make it the crazy things such as print image of happy, the heart of every girl in the Pure season.Good item and one piece camisole babydoll, and mini skirt, lady-like to have a casual. I want you to wear it with all one's might enjoy such a MILK. How to put on the gizmo beads here

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