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JJJJound × New Balance limited “992”

35,200 Yen

Limited Edition New Balance  and Canadian design studio "JJJ Sound" collaboration model "992"

Since the introduction of the original "990" in 1982, the brand flagship series "99X" has continued to embody new balance craftsmanship and functionality. Among them, the original was released in 2006, which is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the New Balance brand, and the "992" which has not been reprinted until now in the "99X" series is reprinted this year. This model, which has been attracting attention, collaborates with the design studio "JJJJound" led by Justin Sanders. Pig suede x mesh material is available in two colors, gray and green. The "JJJ Jound" logo is applied to the heel. It will be sold at limited stores on August 7th (Friday).

Design studio "JJJJound" based in Montreal, Canada, has set the concept for this collaboration as "everyday". Initially, "990v3" was considered as the gray color, but it is designed with the image of gray, which has been worn and worn as "weekday" shoes. The theme of the green is "weekend", with the image of vintage walking shoes inspired by the greenery of the forest. This collaboration model uses rich pig suede and features details such as custom "JJJ Jound" logo on the insole, box and heel. Made by craftsmen at the New Balance plant in New England, USA. It combines newness and friendliness, luxury and practicality, and upgrades your everyday life.

Part number: M992
Price: 35,200 yen (tax included)
Width/size: D/26.0-29.0cm Expected
release date: Friday, August 7


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