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In using the services provided by JapanOrder.Com, it is understood that you have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions provided below:

  1. Registration:
    1. User must provide accurate, complete and current information
    2. If there are any changes to the registration information, the responsibility is on the user to notify JapanOrder.Com of the changes.
    3. Providing any false or incomplete information will result in JapanOrder.com's refusal of providing its services.
    4. JapanOrder.Com reserves the right to reject offering its services to any registered member.
  2. Description of Services:
    1. Providing access to direct buying on Japanese goods through the Online Shopping service and shipping of goods once items are bought.
    2. Providing access to participating in online Japanese Auctions through the Auction Buying service and shipping items once they are won.
    3. Providing a service where staff at JapanOrder.Com will look for items/goods/services in Japan on behalf of customers. Items will be shipped to the customer upon receiving the full payment.
  3. Fees
    1. Fees includes, but not limited to, item's cost, JapanOrder.Com service fee, domestic and international shipping & handling cost
    2. The payment is over 2 steps:
      1. Step 1 – First Payment: customer will pay item cost + JapanOrder.Com's service fee + Shipping & Handling Deposit + Pay Pal fees
      2. Step 2 – Final Payment: The customer will pay the remaining shipping & handling cost once the items' has been weighted/repacked/consolidated by JapanOrder.Com. + Pay Pal fees
      3. In case the total domestic & international shipping & handling costs + bank transfer costs are over the Shipping & Handling deposit, JapanOrder.Com will refund the balance to the customer's Pay Pal account.
      4. An item will be bought only after the First Payment is received. Failure to settle the Second Payment within 15 days will result in lose of rights on the purchase of the goods, and JapanOrder.Com will have the right to sell the goods to compensate the damage incurred upon it.
  4. Storage:
    1. Items for customers will be held for a maximum period of 30 days
    2. The 30 days holding period will be counted from the day of receiving the first item
    3. The customer will be asked to make the Final Payment and close the shipment on or before the 30th day depending on the calendar day.
    4. The customer has 15 days to make the Final Payment. Failure to do so will result in the lose of rights on the goods bought for the customer.
  5. Items Excluded:
    1. All questionably legal items
    2. Alcohol Products
    3. Agricultural Products
    4. Air guns
    5. Adult materials
    6. Food items (inquire for exceptions)
    The customer is responsible for legality and restrictions of importing items into their own country of residence. JapanOrder.Com bears no responsibility for items in this regard.
  6. Shipping:
    1. The default shipping method is EMS unless specified by the customer.
    2. JapanOrder.Com is not responsible for any delays or loss of shipment.
  7. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liabilities
    1. Items are third part items therefore JapanOrder.Com makes no warranties on them neither expressed nor implied.
    2. Links and items marketed on JapanOrder.Com website are third parties' links and items. JapanOrder.Com is not responsible for any products or contents provided by the third parties' links and items.
    3. Items are sold "As Is" and on an "As Available" basis
    4. JapanOrder.Com makes no guarantee that
      1. The services will be uninterrupted, secure or without errors
      2. Any downloads done through using our services will be at customers' own risk. JapanOrder.Com is not responsible for customers' downloads.
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