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Frequently Asked Question

Searching for Items

Q: How do I find an item?

A: There are several ways to find items on our website:

  1. Visit our “Online Shopping” page which we list the popular and famous online shopping sites. By clicking a link there, it automatically translates the Japanese site into English – then you can navigate your way through the various items.
  2. Visit “Our Recommendation” page, which lists cool and interesting items of our staff’s choice. By clicking the “Detail” button, it automatically translates the Japanese page into English.
  3. Visit the “Ranking” page for top selling items in Yahoo Japan & Rakuten shopping sites. Choose your favorite category on shopping ranking, and then click the pictures. Click the “Detail” button, for an automatic translation of the Japanese page into English. Again very simple!
  4. Visit “Auction Buying” page to search for items on Yahoo Auction & Rakuten Auction! Click on the Auction Buying page, choose the category and input the key word of your item. You can search in 2 ways:
    • Search in Japanese: The keyword will automatically be translated into Japanese, then it will be searched (e.g. Nissan => 日産)
    • Search in English: The keyword will be searched in English. (E.g. Nissan => Nissan)
  5. Use our “Search & Shop” service if you need an assistance finding an item. Use our “Request Form” by clicking the “Search & Shop” icon. Fill in the form or e-mail us directly at

Limitations & Restrictions

Q: What can I order through

A: You can order anything available online and offline as long as the items are legal to sell and to export.

There are restrictions on which items are allowed to import depending on country. For detail please refer to do not handle any adult items, neither alcoholic items nor food contains meat products.

Also, please note the lithium battery (known as “rechargeable batteries” mostly included in digital camera, mobile phone, PC) must be sent separately via FEDEX or DHL, and there will be an extra handling fee to be added.


Q: What are the fees?
A: Our fees are explained at our “Fees” page. (
Q: Why are there 2 separate payments?
A: Since we cannot figure out the domestic shipping cost from shop/seller before we place an order, we request the First Deposit Payment which include the deposit of JPY 2,000 per shop/seller, to cover domestic shipping cost and the bank fee. Therefore, the First Deposit Payment consists of “Item price + service fee + Deposit of JPY 2,000/shop (or seller).”

For Final Payment, you will pay for EMS Shipping & Handling fee +/- any difference from deposit paid/or refunded if any excess.
Q: What is Shipping & Handling Deposit of JPY 2,000 per shop/seller?
A: We request all of our customers to pay for Shipping & Handling Deposit. Shipping & Handling Deposit is an advance payment for domestic shipping cost and bank fee to shops/sellers. If there is any difference from actual domestic shipping cost + bank fee, we will apply the rest to the Final Payment. Please note this is not our fee – This is an advance payment for your purchase.

Shipping & Delivery

Q: When do I receive my item?
A: Depending on the destination, it normally takes 3-7 days by EMS.
Q: I want to buy items from different shops, and send them in one package. Can you do it?
A. Yes, we provide consolidation service with no extra charge! (Note: If items shapes are too different (e.g. thin and long, etc.), they cannot be consolidated as one package.)
Q: How long can you hold my items? I want to buy more items later.
A. We can hold your item for consolidation maximum up to 30 days, for free of charge!
Q: Do I get notified the tracking number of my package? When?
A: We will notify the tracking number of your package after final payment is paid and shipping process is done.
Q: I don’t receive my package even after 1 week has past. What should I do?
A: First, please contact your local post office with the tracking number we inform. If your local post office cannot find your item, please contact us at

Returns & Cancellations

Q: I received my package but the item was broken. What should I do?
A: Please contact us and tell us the detail. If it is claimable circumstance, we will let you know the further procedure. (NOTE: In case of the item purchased from “Auction Buying,” due to the character, some items are not in perfect condition. Please take a careful look before purchasing from Auction Buying.) We are not responsible for the condition of items bought on Auctions.
Q: Can I return my item after I received the package in my country?
A: Basically, we do not accept any return after the items are shipped out from our Japan office.
Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: After making the First Deposit payment, we will not take any cancellation: Your requested item will be purchased accordingly. Please, however, contact us ASAP if you would like to cancel after making the First Deposit payment: If your cancellation notice is right after your payment then there might be a possibility that your order has not been placed.
Questions related to each Service


Q: What is “Search & Shop” service?
A: The “Search & Shop” service will help you find the item on your behalf. Also, even if you don’t know the exact name of the item but you can describe it to us, then we will search it for you.


Q: What is “Auction Buying” service?
A: The “Auction Buying” service enables you to bid and buy items from Japanese auction sites. Once you inform us the highest bidding price and pay us in advance, we will bid, correspond with sellers and arrange to send the item to your address.
Q: When are you going to bid the item I request?
A: As soon as we confirm your First Deposit payment to our PayPal account, we will bid accordingly.
Q: Can you do “Immediate Buying”?
A: Yes, as long as the seller indicates the “Immediate Buying” option.
Q: By when do I need to pay the First Deposit payment?
A: Please make the First Deposit payment by minimum 24 hours prior to the end of auction.
Q: I just found an item on auction, which end in less than 1 hr, but I really want this item. Can you bid?
A: We normally take 24 hours advance notice, but as long as we can confirm your First Deposit payment then we will try our best to bid the item for you. Please note, however, we do not guarantee to bid if the payment was made less than 24 hours in advance.
Q: Can I cancel my order after making the First Deposit payment?
A: Please note your order cannot be cancelled after making the First Deposit payment. Once item is bided, you have the responsibility for it. However, if your cancellation request was sent before we process the bidding, then we can cancel your order.
Q: I made First Deposit payment, but the bidding price went higher than my price. (Failed to win the item.) What will happen?
A: If you fail to win the item, then we will refund your payment to your PayPal account within 3 days, after subtracting our handling fee of JPY 300.
Q: What if I win the auction lower than my maximum bidding price?
A: For any difference between the final winning price and your maximum bidding price, it will be refunded as a part of “Final Payment” which covers the international shipping cost.
Q: Can I check the bidding status?
A: Yes, you can check the bidding through the link of the item you informed us.
Q: Can I return the item after the item arrives?
A: No, item cannot be returned to the seller. In many cases, the sellers state in the auction page that they do not accept retune, refund or cancellation.
Q: Can you bid on any items?
A: We can bid on any items you requested as long as they are legal and not prohibited to send to your country. (Please check the list of prohibited items to be shipped to your country before you bid on any items.)
Q: I want to bid on a large and heavy item. Is it OK?
A: It is no problem to bid on a large and heavy item on auctions. But please be aware of the international shipping cost: Shipping any item larger than EMS regulation size will be very costly.
Q: Do you inspect the item when it arrives to the Japanese address?
A: We do not inspect the item you purchased. We only receive the item and send it to your address in overseas. We do not check defects or condition of the item. (Some items on auctions are stated as “junk.” Please pay attention to the condition of the item before you bid.)


Q: What is “Online Shopping” service?
A: The Online Shopping Service will buy from your requested online shops and arrange to send the item to your overseas address. All you need to do is correspond with us, and we will do the rest of work for you.
Q: What happens if the item I requested is out of stock and I already made the First Deposit payment?
A: We will refund the payment to your PayPal account after subtracting our handling fee of JPY 300. Or, if the item you requested will be available shortly, then we can re-order later.