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Payment will be made by TWO steps: 1st Deposit Payment and Final Payment.
Apply the Costs below to the formula above to get a total estimate:
#1. Item Price
Actual price of the item, inclusive of tax.
#2. Shipping & Handling Deposit *
JPY 2,000 per shop / seller includes1. Domestic Shipping Cost2. Bank transfer fee to the shop/seller * Difference between shipping deposit and the actual shipping cost (Domestic & International) will be settled on the final payment.
#3. Service fee
Search & Shop 10% of item price + JPY 1,000 Upfront None Refundable Fee
Auction Buying 5% of maximum bidding price, or JPY 500 minimum.
  • - Actual service fee will be based on final winning price.
  • - If customer does not win the auction, we will refund the amount after deducting the handling fee of JPY 200.
Online Shopping 5% of item price, or JPY 500 minimum.
#4. International Shipping & Handling cost
Method of international shipping is EMS, provided by Japan Post Service. Internationa Shipping & Handling cost depends on the country. Please check here to check the cost to your country.
Notes: - Paypal payments only. - Paypal fee of 4.0% will be added to the total of each payment.