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USB Mini Desk Fan (Silent, Rotation, Wind-adjustable, 2-way charge)

2,075 Yen

Stylish mini-size fan. Use it on your work desk, bedside or anywhere!

Portable mini-size fan. Although in such small size, it is equipped with many features:

1. Head rotation - It swings so you can enjoy the comfortable wind from different angels. Also vertical head angle can be adjusted for height.

2. Wind adjustment: Choose between "Strong" and "Weak"

3. Useful 2-way charges: USB port or AC adapter (DC5V 500mA) and the batteries. Even away from PC, you can use it anywhere!

4. Silent spec: Unlike normal desktop fan, this model is silent, so it can be used even on the bedside.

5. Water-washable fan: Fan can be removed for washing. Keep it clean.

It will come with the USB cable (1m).

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