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Search Request:

Dedicated shopping service that assists you in locating hard to find items or to make special or custom made orders with various makers in Japan.  You will have access to our knowledgeable staff that will help you in finding you item in the most time and cost effective means.

1- Ordering

  1. Fill the Form – Please use the form to tell us specifically about your item, use all the information you know so that locating your item will be fast.
  2. Email Communications – our staff will communicate with you throughout the search process to ensure that your item is found
  3. Upfront Deposit – dedicated search is very time consuming on our staff, therefore before we start our search, we request that you make a refundable deposit of JPY 1,000.

2- Fees

  1. Upfront payment of JPY 1,000
  2. 10% of item price, or JPY 1,000 Minimum

If the item IS found, the deposit will be applied to the fees.
If the item is NOT found, then a full refund will be made upon request.

3- Shipping & Handling

There are two Shipping Costs when buying from Japan:

  1. Domestic Shipping: From seller to our offices: JPY 2,000 shipping deposit to be paid upfront. Any excess will be applied to cover International Shipping costs
  2. International Shipping: From our offices to your country: Depends on weight of shipment & the country of your residence [Click here for reference]

4- Refunds

If the item runs out of stock after making your payment, then your account will be refunded fully. Otherwise, no refunds

5-Cancellations & Returns:

No cancellation or returns are allowed after purchase. If there is a defect in an item that you discover upon receiving; contact us and we will communicate with the seller. No guarantees of returns though

6-Limitations & Restrictions:

For details please refer to:

  1. Japan’s Customs list of prohibited items
  2. Japan Post general guidelines
  3. JapanPost (conditions by country)

- does not handle any adult items, alcoholic items, nor any meat products.

- Lithium battery (known as "rechargeable batteries" mostly included in digital camera, mobile phone, PC) must be sent separately via FEDEX or DHL, and an extra handling fee will be added.