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Logos Portable Mobile Shower

2,534 Yen

Portable mobile shower with batteries & cigar socket.

Established in 1928, this Japanese company has been specializing in producing all kinds of outdoor items.

This portable shower charges by batteries and car socket, so as long as you have a bucket or tank of water you can enjoy the fresh shower! Ideal for beach, camping, fishing, or any situation with kids and family.

The shower head can be adjusted and stabilized by the hook, so it can be attached to the rear glass of the van to free your both hands.

Weight: 665g (approx.)

Size: Hose diameter=1.5, length=2.1m, Length of DC cord: 4m (approx.)

Charge: Batteries / DC12V

Formation: Shower head, hose, shower holder, S hook, carry bag

Water amount (10min.): DC use= 32L, battery use=25L

When batteries are used, maximum consecutive 5hrs use (approx.)

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