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Summer Scarf – Water cool

734 Yen

Just emmerce in water and wrap around the neck!

Just simmer the scarf into the bowl of water for 3-5 min, then wrap it around your neck.

It is an Eco-friendly summer scarf which you can wear indoor/outdoor repeatedly.

How to use:

1. Simmer the scarf in the bowl of water for 3-5 min. Let it absorb water.

2. Take the excess water on the scarf by tapping the towel.

3. Wrap the scarf around the neck, hold it with "safety ring" comes with the scarf.

4. If coolness is gone, simmer the scarf into water lightly then use.

5. After use, rinse the scarf lightly and take the dust and dirt out by using water/lukewarm water.

6. Take the excess water by rubbing the scarf from top to bottom, then dry it with natural breeze.

Size: 4cm x 72cm

Weight: 12g

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