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Nanko Nuri Chan: Self-Applicabe Arm for back

1,027 Yen

Looks funny but quite useful.

Has it happen to you when you want to apply body lotion / medicine on your back but there is no one to apply for you?

And when you tried to apply, you hurt your arm or shoulder by over stretching?

This Nanko-Nuri Chan can solve your problem!

Apply the cream on the white pad, then reach wherever you want to apply.

The white pad can be detached and washable, so it is hygienically designed.

By flipping the white pad, you can use it as a back-scratch!

Believe it or not, it's got quite good reviews!

Size: 6.3cm x 35cm (8.5cm x 40cm x 5.5cm when it's in the box)

Weight: 60g

Colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow


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