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Azuki no Chikara – Hot Eye Pillow

815 Yen

Re-usable steam hot eye pillow.

Using the Azuki (red beans), this hot eye pillow warms the eyes and releases the daily stress of your eyes.

This eye pillow is not heavy but it has enough weight to stay on your eyes.

It is re-usable so very economical.

How to use:

1. Place the eye pillow inside the microwave (The side which writings are shown should be facing down.)

2. Warm up the eye pillow. Do not use over 700w.

3. Place the eye pillow on your eyes. Use approx. 5 min. (Please check the heat before placing it on your eyes. When the words ("キケン") is shown on the surface of the eye-pillow, that means it is too hot, so please wait until these words are gone.)

Very high review by the users.

There is a "Neck & Shoulder series" of Azuki no Chikara.

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