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BENZ SL R230 Platinum Complete Body kit

3,300,001 Yen

GALLANT ABFLUG R230 Platinum "This product is made in section 8 front bumper, hood, front fenders, door panels, side skirts, rear fender, rear bumper, rear upper spoiler.

When you open the roof, it is transformed into another car body panels all have been modify.

Abflug since the birth in 1989, what continue to protect in absolute terms it is originality. And, "Do not mimic be to imitate," "do not divert the design of high-grade car", "what is without consciousness fashion, to create," "be accompanied by the functionality always" and "that it has been refined urbane" outcome of the design attitude based on the policy that you may have a R230 Platinum this GALLANT ABFLUG.

Surface structure overall, embody that it is organic as if they were alive. It is the R230 SL to appeal a wide and low in the stock model, one side 30mm in the front, rear is a wide of 55mm, this car further improves cornering performance at high speeds.
■ Frame: ■ Year: 2008.5 ~ ■ Eng: 272

■ Front Bumper Spoiler
■ Cooling Hood
■ Front Over Fender
■ Side Skirt
■ Door Panel
■ Rear Bumper spoiler
■ Rear Over Fender
■ Rear Diffuser
■ Rear Upper Spoiler

※ demo car fitted wheel Abflug Prism III
■ Front Size 9.0J × 20 -1
■ Rear Size 11.0J × 20 -20 price ¥ 436,800 (tax included)

*5% service fee is waived

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