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Abflug Prism Magnesium 20 Inches

235,715 Yen

Added value of supreme wheel was put on the market premium brand of Abflug than " GALLANT ABFLUG ". In magnesium forging manufacturing method that employs a " MG2085 material ", It is the design with an emphasis on rigidity in order to not only pursue a
lighter, to prevent a disadvantage of magnesium only the " crack ". The lineup 13.0j from 20 inches 7.5j, PCD & inset size and coloring it
will be full made-to-order.

※ The center cap color, can be choosen from red / black or gray / black.
※ Prism Magnesium logo and stripes ..  (same color ) color number specified. (Included in product cost )
※ Black is the basic color wheel body.
( Painted in custom color will be one ¥ 21,000
※ dedicated aluminium nut & adapter is optional products.
¥ 15,750/ 1 car

■ Aluminium air Baruvu
■ (two kind existence of Red or Grey) ornament
■ ETRO standard run-flat tire rim corresponding shape

※ Each model for aluminium nut and adapter set is the Option separately.
(Dedicated aluminium nut and adapter ¥ 15,750  / 1 vehicle )


20 x 7.5 = ¥225,000 ~ 20x 12 = ¥ 275,000

Please indicate your desired size for specific quote

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