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GTO Drive Train – M-SPL Carbon Fighter Twin Clutch

456,501 Yen

* M-carbon fighter SPL twin clutch before, during Late for M-SPEC: ⇒ ¥ 288,000 - (excluding tax)

* Street-circuit for D-SPEC: ¥ 310,000 - (excluding tax)

* Street-drag for SD-SPEC Ⅰ: ¥ 328,000 - (excluding tax)

* Circuit-drag for SD-SPEC Ⅱ: ¥ 328,000 - (excluding tax )

* Drag-only

M-carbon fighter SPL triple clutch, Before, during, late for -

* M-SPEC: ¥ 375,000 - (excluding tax)

* Street-circuit for D-SPEC: ¥ 398,000 - (excluding tax)

* Street-drag for SD-SPEC Ⅰ: ¥ 415,000 - (excluding tax)

* Circuit-drag for SD-SPEC Ⅱ: ¥ 415,000 - (excluding tax)

* Drag-only

CCM processing center plate, pressure plate, flywheel,: CCM processing with SD spec center plate, pressure plate, flywheel: CCM treatment with D specs of the center plate: M specs.

The drag specialized products ※ CCM cover of crimping force 1300kg temper shot processing with specs Ⅰ of  outside and inside of the center hub cover crimping force 1150kg, Spec Ⅱ is ... 

Abbreviation Carbon Composite Metal (carbon composite metal). That is, is subjected to special treatment on the metal surface.

It is a technique of forming a strong carbon coating. To-fade resistance and friction coefficient can be improved dramatically by this.

Ease of use of carbon clutch as it is, drive transmission power will increase further.

Further, the coefficient of friction is uniform, suppress excessive slip, torque and up.

※ With the temper shot processing ...

By injecting particles at high speed toward the surface of machined parts, it is shot peening process of reforming, to strengthen the member organization near the surface. Surface modification treatment of the prior art compared to the (micro-shot) deep 10 times (400μ).

In order to make the hardened layer, up dramatically strength. Superior in durability even in harsh operating conditions. In addition, lubricating action is improved by (depression hemispherical) Dinburu that can be on the surface. Increase in surface area also increases the cooling effect.

※ The cover crimping force 1,150kg the SD spec Ⅱ is used, can change to 1,300kg special order.

Should be told at the time of order in that case.

Clutch Decomposition Image subjected to CCM PROCESSING

Was born in collaboration with ATS's latest weapon of GTO. To  town riding-circuit racing, super weapon the ultimate UP performance and operability and durability significantly compared to traditional metal clutch!  With center hub. Full kit and sleeve bearings set of lightweight racing flywheel 5-speed, 6-speed common. Turbo vehicles only total weight twin: 11kg, 12kg triple.

Triple D ability of 1000PS, SD:: ability, Triple M Twin M700PS twin D, and ability SD800ps SD specs 1400PS finest
products from D specs, raised the durability!

Temper shot processing

By applying a temper shot processing, strength increases, the movement of the center hub is better.

※ The only shot processing of the center hub.

¥ 8,800: shot processing of medium-spline part
¥ 13,800: shot processing of outer portion spline
In, shot processing of spline outside both: ¥ 20,000

Carbon technology of ATS & ACROSS the forefront of world


Can be delivered at a low price of metal clutch par with the mass production of carbon clutch departure from the world: low price of one
surprise. Ability of 700PS (M spec) Twin 1,100Kg: reflux overwhelming torque transfer to exceed the 2 metal. Light shift feel to stimulate the racing spirit: 3 ultra-fast shift UP & DOWN.

36 months, twin triple a very small shipment of repair parts: three times more durability 4. Person of the triple is easy semi-twin clutch operation, than the twin than a single: ease congestion 5. There is a buffering effect of beyond comparison with damper: damage to sharp decrease of 6 mission.








M-SPEC: ¥ 375,000 - (including tax \ 393,750 -)

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