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Nissan D-MAX D1 Spec Pirro Tension Rod (180SX / S13 / S14 / S15 / A31 / C33 / C34 / C35  R32 / R33 / R34 / Z32 / C34 Stagea / Y32 Cedric Gloria / Y33 Cedric Gloria)

14,300 Yen

By the pyro of genuine rubber bushing, handling operations will be improved significantly. Enhances stability control and braking, the unnecessary movement due to the deflection of the middle drift. Fine more, be to the turnbuckle adjustable setting is possible. With that mounting the pyro rubber cover, the bite of gravel, is reduced etc.

■ Turn buckle adjustable ■ Adjustable numerical 40mm
■ Rod diameter 27φ, strength significantly UP lightweight
■ Strengthen type pillow ball use ■ Adjustable pitch 1.25, fine adjustment is possible ■ Pyro rubber cover as standard

Material : 6061-T6, Dimensions (rod diameter) : 27φ, Dimensions (Piro) : 45φ.

※ If you are attached to pyro tension rod of other manufacturers, please check the color size always.

Models: 180SX / S13 / S14 / S15 / A31 / C33 / C34 / C35, R32 / R33 / R34 / Z32 / C34 Stagea / Y32 Cedric Gloria / Y33 Cedric Gloria

Not Applicable to:

Skyline GT-R / Skyline 4WD
Laurel 4WD / Stage A 4WD
Y32 / Y33 Cedric Gloria 4WD

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