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Honda AP1 / AP2 S2000 Car Shop Glow LED tail lamp Ver.1 (clear) flowing winker specification

197,780 Yen

S2000 AP1 / AP2 Car shop Glow original LED tail lamp Ver.1 (clear) It will be a flowing winker specification. 
  It is a flowing winker version of the popular type Ver.1 type. 
  The lighting pattern and lighting speed can be changed arbitrarily to various settings with the included controller. 

Made in Japan Quality

[About Part]

Winker unit flowing in one set of left and right sets. Aluminum plate with engraved marking (riveted).  finished using machined genuine new parts.
1 year including clogging with bulbs and water droplets It is with a guarantee. (For overseas shipment for 6 months). After we return the product, we will repair or exchange. (Please pay the return shipping fee).

[Compatible models]
S2000 AP1 / AP2. (In case of attaching to AP 1 in the early model; processing of the body is necessary.)
The warning light of ABS is lit. We have a counter measure solution - please inquire about price and availability .  Because the canceller will generate heat, please install it away from the interior and the resin part.

Please inquire about production time

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